Medicine Ball 20 Minute AMRAP

Wall Ball

Summer time calls for outdoor FUN. All you need is a medicine ball to mess around with while getting strong. I’ve included Extra Playtime if you’re just not ready to get back to the real world.If you’d like to see a short video of each move with tips on correct form please check out my Instagram @sourdoughrose

Here’s the workout;

Do as many as possible cycling through the moves with 40 seconds working and hard as you can and 20 seconds rest. Complete 4 rounds of each move in total.

1.Medicine ball wall ball

2.lateral jumps

3.Medicine Ball slams

4.Medicine ball incline pushups

5.Medicine ball V-ups

Extra Playtime***

3 x 60 second wall walks with 30 sec. rest

3x 60 second wall sit with 30 second rest

Remember to enjoy moving your body and challenge yourself to go hard.

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